Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Marathon training begins with speed work!

What a shock to our systems to step on the track on Tuesday night and do some fast 1000s followed by a bunch of 200s. I, like some of the other ladies on the team, hadn't done a track workout in a while. And the idea of running intervals shorter than mile repeats was a bit daunting. But the workout went better than I expected -- it was faster than I thought I could maintain, and I felt like I could probably pump out a few more 1000 intervals at the pace we were running! There were so many people on the track on Tuesday that at times it really felt like a race of sorts, and whenever you saw someone a few strides ahead of you or heard thundering footsteps behind you, it made you focus and think about passing someone or at least quicken your pace, even if only by a split second. It was an awesome feeling. I really love the indoor track for that reason. Sure, it can be crowded at times, and you spend a lot of time negotiating how to run those turns and figuring out to how pass someone at just the right time or not get boxed in, but that it what makes track so much more than running fast! To me, it is all about strategy too! (Now I just have to figure out what that strategy is....)

I was pretty tight after the workout, and I'll just say that this morning's run with Laura wasn't exceptionally speedy (although according to gmap, we still were running around 7:20 pace, I think). Plus, the wind was almost as stiff as my legs. Still it was great to run with Laura! Tomorrow, I'm running with Audrey who is recovering from gum surgery (ouch) and has only been able to digest solid foods for a day or two now. My running partners totally inspire me!

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