Saturday, January 13, 2007

Not-so-ridiculous training run, take 2

Another long-out-back this morning, beginning and ending at Tom's house. It was a touch soggy and much colder than last week, but near perfect conditions for running. Tom swears this course is 26 miles, but I'm getting 24.8 or so on Gmap. Either way, it was many many miles with fewer rest stops than last week's long run, no food, minimal drink, lots of puddles, and Tom's excellent cheering and support every few miles -- and I think we all felt pretty darn good! Emily, Laura, Lynn, and I were the ladies on the run. We have a pretty spectacular training group, not to brag, or anything :) (this is the route, one-way)

After the run, Tom and Cynthia treated us to amazing waffles (again). I tried to make these vegan chocolate chip blondies last night to bring for brunch, but they did not turn out very good. Although I am the first to hold firm that vegan treats can taste good (I swear!), I am not one to bring sub-par vegan goods for sharing. So next time, I will try a tried-and-true vegan recipe - maybe chocolate orange chip cupcakes? Or banana bread? Maybe that will entice you to join us for a run.

Running for the next few days will consist of me trying to convince myself that the cold rain and sleet are actually magical drops of speed-juice falling from the sky. I really don't like running when it's wet and cold.

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