Thursday, January 11, 2007

Taking a Gamble in Vegas

I didn't do any slot machines here, but running in the morning is kindof a gamble.

I'm out the door at 5:20 - same as in Boston, um, with a minor time difference too - and on the strip. There really isn't anywhere to run. My first day I ran out to the UNLV track and it was locked up! The treadmill and fitness center at the hotel doesn't open until 7 (unbelievable, huh?!), so I'm stuck running on the strip.

That translates to lots of cool lights and stuff, but lots of creepy drunk dudes too. Yesterday I was called a "whore" by some drunk guy. I'm pretty confident I could outrun him. The strip also means lots of stairs; there are some by the MGM Grand and New York New York and elsewhere too. So I've gotten some strengthwork of sorts.

I'm also suffering from malnutrition here. The hotel's restaurant doesn't have a single item on the menu that doesn't have cholesterol in it. So I eat in the press room at the convention center, which has a lovely variety of donuts - which believe it or not are made with soy ingredients so are halfway legit to eat. Not that good though. Everything in Vegas is porn, porn, and steak. Vegetarian stuff just isn't an option here. So I've been eating meals like tortilla chips and salsa, rice and beans, etc. I can't wait to get home to my own kitchen!

I fly back tonight, and I'll see you all on Saturday!


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Boston Run Gals said...

Yay...hurry back...are you doing the ridiculous 26 mile run with us on Saturday??? We miss you!