Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good Luck Blowing the Competition Away

Good luck this weekend at the GBTC Invite. I'm excited to hear about everyone's races, although I must say I'm particularly excited about Katie Famous and Allison McCabe. Katie had an amazing workout last night and is all set for a big PR in the 3k. And Allison blew right by me and made me feel like an old woman on the track; she's bound to reset that club record of hers.

This morning was ridiculously cold. I put on all kinds of layers: tights, two base layer tops, my ugly magenta fleece, skull cap, ugly camo mittens, ski pants, tall Christmas socks. I looked pretty ridiculous, especially by the end of my run when I had a frost stripe down my back and bum. Yikes. I usually see at least a few runners around Spot Pond, but there wasn't a single sole out there today. Just to make the run a bit longer, I ran by my favorite fruit and veggie store, Robertos. Corn is 10 for a buck today, so that's what will be on my plate tonight. Yum.


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Boston Run Gals said...

Props to that, Em...Famous looks smokin' these days! Running today was like trying to take the perfect picture with no camera and no film...f'ing impossible! I was frozen to the core...I'm hoping tomorrow is a little warmer...I started dribbling as I was talking to Sloan on the chin was numb! Oh, Emily, you looked great last night as pacing!