Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fast teammates and slippery snow

This weekend was chock full of running -- spectating, racing, and lots of miles.

First, I am so impressed with the DMR on Saturday -- we had two MARATHONers (Emily and Laura) kick some major bootie in the 800 and mile, helping the team to a club record. Sweet!

I am also super impressed with the men's DMR which also consisted of mostly marathoners and still qualified for nationals. And then of course there is freakin' amazing Bruce Davie who ran a ridiculously fast mile at the Reebok Indoor Games and super gal Katie Famous PRing in the 800.

As for me, I ran a pretty lousy 5k on Friday on the track. Ahh well. Then I ran around in circles trying to get some miles in since it was about -8000 degrees outside. I think I ran for a total of 1:40 on and around the track. B-O-R-I-N-G, but it was pretty amazing to see some wicked fast collegiate women run in the low 16s for 5K and 9:20s for 3K. Speedy. How do they go so fast?!?

Today, a bunch of us (Sloan, Audrey, Laura, Sarah, and me) met for a long run along the snowy sidewalks of Boston and Cambridge. It was quite hard to get our footing at the beginning -- the snow was slippery, and running on it was akin to running on pseudo-tightly packed sand. We met in Central, ran around the river a bit with Sarah (new from Texas!), and then continued down Mass. Ave. to Fresh Pond and back to Cambridge, through Allston, and ended in Brookline. I think this was the route:

We had all sorts of discussions about looking good in running tights, why I think it's strange to eat bacon and sausage (they're salty, right?) with french toast and waffles, the validity of the first-born/middle child/younger-child theories, isoflavones and soy milk, the boomerang generation, and more.

It was a balmy 31 degrees this morning -- really warm relative to the past few days of frozen running.

Next race will be the Great Stew Chase 15K next Sunday: Who's in?

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