Monday, January 22, 2007

Taking things for granted....

So after spending my Sunday racing the 3k and running around the river for 90 minutes, I headed home to bury my head in a book to study for my upcoming certification exam. On my drive home I got a message from a friend stating that one of our friend's father had passed away early that morning. He had battled MS for the past 40 years, but was doing well. However he had recently been diagnosed with cancer and lost this fight.
Needless to say I did not get much studying done. I am beginning to wonder what life's plan is as I now have 9...yes 9 friends in the early 30 range that have lost parents. To me that seems like a lot, maybe not, but we are young and our parents are still young. I can understand my parent's generation having to go to wakes/funerals, but my generation.....
As I ran this morning through the snow flurries, I thought about how you truly never know what life is going to bring. I was thankful to be out enjoying the weather and challenging my body's physical limits. I think people in their cars must have wondered why is that girl running in this weather with a big smile on her face. It made me appreciate just being out running.
Now back to that studying I never got done.
See you all tomorrow.


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