Thursday, December 28, 2006

3k this weekend anyone?

After a week of eating dark chocolate and running mileage by myself in the dark, I'm ready for something different. Perhaps a low-key 3k, followed by an even more low-key mile relay? Oh yes.

Running in Ohio was awesome. I should snap a picture of my shoes; they're totally caked in mud, even though I've run in them three times since coming back from the muddy trails of Ohio.

Maybe if you come Saturday, I'll show you my smelly muddy shoes.


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Boston Run Gals said...

Emily! So I am thinking about running on Saturday too. I REALLY don't want to do the 3K -- 1) because my flight gets in at like 1am on Saturday morning and 2) because I haven't done a track workout in like 5 weeks. Plus, my right calf has been wicked tight all week. But I think I'll do the mile and totally not care if I run like super slow. :o) But I will see you at the track on Saturday! Can't wait to see you smelly muddy shooes.