Saturday, January 20, 2007

Will, Mary Poppins, and Pimps...

So, I'm sitting on my couch, watching Anchorman for the billionth time. Sitting on the bookshelf in front of me is Lore of Running, Fast Track, Run with the Champions, Coaching Track and Field Successfully, Running with Lydiard, Paula, The Female Athlete's Body Book, The Complete Book of Running and Fitness, Personal Best, The Athletic Woman's Survivial Guide, Running with the Buffalos, Finding their Stride, Training for Endurance, Eating for Endurance, and, of course, BOSTON MARATHON: The First Century of the World's Premier Running Event. With such a massive array of running material at my fingertips, why oh why am I watching Ron Burgundy sing Afternoon Delight? I'll tell you why... because these movies (the Anchormans, Zoolanders, Dodgeballs, etc) are genius. They're brilliant. In my eyes, Will Ferrell has reached the heights of Anthony Hopkins, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep... he is fabulous. He is the only actor who can elicit my emotional investment as a chauvinistic news reporter, a head honcho fashion designer who supports oversea child labor laws, a grown man (living with his mother) who coerces devastated women at funerals to sleep with him, and an ignorant, discriminatory race car driver. Like I said, he is fantastic. He has just jumped into the bear cage after Veronica Corningstone, who he slept with and then left because she started succeeding in the workplace.

On a more running relevant note, I think today was a miserable day to run. I felt like Mary Poppins should have dropped in... the wind was unreal! I'm so impressed that Emily ran the Fresh Pond race because I tapped out after about 25 minutes. The only thing that got me that far was the repeat button on my ipod - 'Its hard out here for a pimp' never gets old...especially when I'm in desperate need of motivation.

Did you realize that in 1899, the top 1o finishers in the Boston Marathon ran between 2:54 and 3:44? If GBTC was around then, we would take every spot. If GBTC women were around then, we would have sported the Boston Marathon winner. Could you imagine little Emily with her hair in thousands of colorful rubber bands outkicking all the dudes??? I could!

Time to help Brad make 60 sandwiches for the volunteers tomorrow at the GBTC invite. Another wild Saturday night.

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