Saturday, January 26, 2008

Terrific at Terrier

Well, GBTC rocked the party that rocked the party. As expected. We had a great showing across the board. Some PRs, some broken records, tons of strong performances. Jen Lee showed that she can run close to a 5 min mile twice in one week. Marian showed that she is ready to face the big bad track once again...her first race on the track in 3 years. I showed that I'm not completely out of shape...just marginally out of shape. Everyone else either posted PRs or really close to PRs. Yeah baby!

DMR in a couple of hours. I'm heading to the track pretty soon to race. I have had a cold the past week (I like to blame my poor performances on that) and last night's yelling in the 3 and 5K definitely did not help. Right now - I can't talk. Well, I can whisper. He he. Ah well...don't need a voice to run an 800 leg.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Terrier Excitment

The BU track will be torn up by GBTC red this weekend. I just want to wish all good luck. I can't believe the fitness level of our distance crew this season. It is awesome to see and exciting to be a part of.
To Allison, Gretchen and Marian in the 3K-- piece of cake compared to the cross country races you guys ran this fall. Run strong and hard!
To Katie and Liz in the 5K-- PRs are awaiting. Go get them!!
To Laura, Jen, and Victoria in the mile-- Your workouts are amazing. 8 laps is nothing. Kick butt!!
To the rest of GBTC mid distance and sprinter-- Race hard and well!!
I wish I could be there to yell and scream my head off at you guys. Just know I am sending you positive thoughts.
Can't wait to see results.
* Lynn

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bring it on

So Laura sent out that nice email, and I thought I might try to get the ball rolling on getting this blog back on track.

As most of you know, I had the race of my life on Sunday. During college, I made continuous large leaps in fitness and PRs. But since then, I have been the queen of slow but steady progress. No more! :-) 7 second PR in the mile, followed by an 18 second PR in the 3K...I am unbelievably psyched. So now comes the 5K at Terrier this Friday. Time to pony up... I want nothing more than to be in the thick of things and put it all out there on the track. Times will fall as they may.