Saturday, January 20, 2007

Everyone is welcome to post, ya know...

But if no one else will, you'll all be forced to read my running adventures. (If you need the username and password, email me or Megha)

Today's adventure involved dropping Bruce off at my friend's house first. My friend has four kids, including two wild twin girls who are four-years-old and absolutely adore Bruce. So while it was very nice of her to take Bruce for a few hours, I didn't want to take any longer than absolutely necessary.

So I hauled down Rt. 16 to Fresh Pond and made it there by 9:50 a.m. I stretched for ten minutes and talked to Mithu, who was also braving the wind and weather for the race. The "race" wasn't much. There were about 15 people running and two guys timing. I ran the first lap with some guy for the first lap, then he ducked out and I was totally alone for the second lap. It showed in my time. My first lap was 15:25 and the second 15:53 I think. It's so much easier to run fast when someone is right there! The sideways snow and awful winds didn't help either.

I hauled home, and saw Jeremy Borling on the way. He said "hi" and I said something like that - my mouth was pretty frozen and I didn't recognize him until two seconds after he said hello and was already gone. Bruce made it just fine, although sans morning nap.

I got home and my landlord was there regrouting tile in the tub and kitchen. He said it takes 24 hours to dry, so I'm still sitting here in my stinky glory. No shower for me today.

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