Friday, January 26, 2007

Wicked Cold

Now that Scott is back in town, I'm trying to rack up all kinds of mileage to make up for the relatively few miles I did earlier in the week. This morning, though, was tough. It was 2 degrees when I left my house, -11 with the windchill. I ran for 1:40 until my eyelashes were frosted, my scarf was stiff as a board, and I was too tired to carry around the 20 lbs of clothes I was wearing. Anyway, it makes me very excited to be on an indoor track tomorrow. And for those of you who are racing today, GOOD LUCK!

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Boston Run Gals said...

holy crap, emily. you are TOUGH. it was so freakin' cold ! i ran for a total of 1:40 --- but all around an indoor track. I don't know how many circles/loops that is, but i would have much rather done that than run in this crazy cold. you are so touch! good luck on saturday in the DMR!