Sunday, January 21, 2007

Running in circles...

...thats what I feel like I've been doing for the past few months. I tell you is difficult to marathon train while racing without losing confidence. Feels like I'm running in circles. Today, just like every race since the Chicago marathon, I felt slow, tired, and drained in my 3K indoor debut.

No matter. I loved being back on the track. I forgot how much I love that indoor oval until I felt the burning in my throat and the pain in my lungs as I breathed in the dusty, dry air this morning. Althought I managed to achieve a personal worse time, I still had a blast competing! I can't wait for Terrier this Friday to try this event again.

After the race, a few of us roamed the river on a 12 mile cooldown. The cool, crisp air was a welcome relief from the stale indoor air. Afterward, we munched on delicious sandwiches that my fabulous hubby made for all officials and volunteers and watched the rest of the races. I'd say that the Women's Invitational 800 and the Men's Invitational 3000 were the events of the day...although, if I were watching the open women's 3000, I might deem that the highlight since Ms. Famous apparently ran a wicked great strategic race. She PRed yet again...that fiery gal! Her performances have been the highlight of this indoor season for me...thats for sure!

'Aight...back to the game...21-13...besides watching gorgeous Tom Brady shake his tooshie around the field, I'm not impressed with these games...I'd much rather watch people see how fast they can run in circles.


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