Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I put up most of my race story on my family blog...
But here's the summarized version of it. The weather wasn't cooperative, but I decided that I still wanted to hammer away and go for the 2:47 anyway. I had a do or die race strategy - and unfortunately I ended up with the latter. Totally died. Ran like a marathon virgin. Biff. Ouch.

But I can still say that I gave it my all in that race. Sure, it was not a reflection of the months of training I put in. But what can you do on a day like that?

I think as a team we were pretty incredible and I'm proud of our third place finish. Megha ran amazing amazing amazing. Lynn, you did run solid! Laura, I haven't heard your full story yet but you ran a respectable time on a wicked ugly day. I think we can all do better; just imagine if Megha had nice weather and didn't have freezing hands! Deena was 15 minutes slower, so Megha could have run 2:39, right?

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