Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Marathon Monday

I have never liked the Boston Marathon as far as marathons go. It seems that each time I run it...it never goes as planned. Well after this year I can say I still am not a huge fan. I have run 6 other marathons besides Boston.....I wonder why.
The day started with waking up to pouring rain and wind at my house in NA. My biggest concern was how was I going to stay dry and warm before the race. I packed enough layers and ponchos/tarps for 10 people and headed to Hopkinton. To my surprise after taking the shuttle from the parking lot we were let into the school. I followed the mass of people into the school and we were directed to the cafeteria....the place was mostly empty and I set myself up in a corner against the wall and started the waiting game for the next hour and 2o mins. I was very happy to be dry and warm. The line to the porto-potty for our area was not that bad either. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet up with Laura and Megha due to the chaos with the sheer number of people and the weather.
Soon it was time to get organized and head to the baggage bus and then the line. I headed off with my "throw-away" jacket, pants, and poncho. I waited under a porch of a CPA office near my corral until they stared the National Anthem, anything to stay dry. I kept the poncho on until the very end and discarded it just before the gun went off. I tried to find Laura and Megha, but being 5'2 it was hopeless. I pushed my way as far forward as I could and waited for the gun. The first mile was very congested. It seemed to take forever for the pack to thin out. Needless to say my first mile was slow. I knew it would be silly to try and weave through the crowd to find the others so I decided to just stay put.
I ended up joining up with a guy from home I train with occasionally and we ran together for some time. I should have used him more to block the wind rather than running by his side, but too late now.
It was wet and windy, but the temperature was not too bad. I would much rather be cold than hot. I kept my long sleeve shirt and gloves on until about the 12 mile mark. As the race unfolded I knew it would be a tough day for a PR and just wanted to run solid. Considering the day I am satisfied with my race. It was not a PR, but it could have been much worse.
It was great to run by the mass of GBTC members in Coolidge Corner.....I was struggling at that point. The last 2-3 miles were very tough for me and the familiar faces/voices meant a lot. It is great to be part of such a supportive team.
Once I finished I waited for Laura and we walked to get our gear off the buses, both cold and shivering. Me with blue lips of course. I think I scared some medical people when I said I turn blue all the time!!
To my teammates I want to say "Job Well Done."
Emily- You went for it and ran with the big guns. Sometimes you just have to go and see what happens. Next time the outcome could be different. I was so proud to say I have a training partner starting with the elites.
Laura- It was not the outcome you trained so hard for, but it was a solid effort. Sucks when it just doesn't click on the day, but it is there.
Megha- You are soooo tough. What a great day! As I said before you have so much potential still and it has been great to watch you improve. Proud does not even describe how you made the rest of GBTC feel.
To the men-- you guys rocked!!
To Tom- Thanks for the workouts, the long runs, the waffles, and the weather reports.

I will spend the rest of the week relaxing with my puppy, taking him on walks to stretch my legs.
See you all in a few weeks.



Brad said...

Ah Lynn - you're the best! Thanks for putting it all in perspective. I was so proud to see you plow up Heartbreak ahead of me...and so happy to see your kind and smiling face at the finish line. I'm very lucky to have a teammate like you...


KWaz said...

Props to all of you on such amazing performances on a not-so-amazing day. I was a virtual spectator, following intently online (while pretending to do work). I wish I could have been there in person - I am so proud of all of you.

I'll be there in '08 - 364 days to go!