Saturday, April 14, 2007

My mom's emails

My mom worries a lot and wonders why people, especially me, like to run. She doesn't actively discourage me from running, but her "advice" hardly qualifies as support.

I've pasted below the last email she sent me. My mom is not super skilled with email and computers and whatnot, so the all-caps and no punctuation and mis-spelled words are just more of the charm. I thought it was amusing.

"Megha hering about weather I DONOT THINK YOU SHOULD RUN ITS NOT BIG DEAL OUR LIFE AND HEALTH ARE MUCH IMPORTANT ALSO YOUR HAND CAN GET DAMAGED uou can always run again i donot think you should worry about what other people say please think all the pros and conslove mom"

I still plan on running, of course, and the wind and rain and cold temps don't scare me at all!

For all of you who want to track the GBTC runners during the marathon, here are our bib numbers. Just go to on Monday, April 16 to get splits during the race.


Men's Open Team
1 Bedoya, David (1084)
2 Borling, Jeremy (1068)
3 Uchiki, Tomoaki (1484)
4 Wells, Kit (1141)
5 Woodward, Lucas J. (1134)

Women's Open Team
1 Doshi, Megha (2042)
2 Edwards, Bethany J. (23171)
3 Hayden, Laura A. (2808)
4 Johnson, Lynn (3797)
5 Raymond, Emily S. (F81)

Men's Masters Team
1 Bond, Bruce E. (3116)
2 Hare, Brian (2689)
3 Jessup, Hubert D. (23257)
4 Whitney, Thomas (11416)


Alison said...

Good luck all you GBTC runners! I love the blog!

Boston Run Gals said...

ha, my mom freaked too. she read the report the baa sent out about hypothermia and about cracked.