Saturday, March 24, 2007


So you would think that after the many, many, many races I have run I would learn. Well I think I may have finally started at least. Last week I ran the New Bedford Half in the wind and cold and I tried to stick to the my race plan. Go out easy and have something left at the end. I did fairly well with this actually. Maybe the first mile could have been a little more under control, but then next 3 were as planned. I think running into the wind helped me take it slower. Then the middle of the race felt great and I did actually have something left in order to complete the last three miles into the wind and up the hill. After the race last week, I told myself that I need to race like that more often. You see in the past, I tend to go out hard and just hold on. It makes races less enjoyable at times and the recovery is tougher, but my mind does not seem to win over my body/heart in races. I ran the 10K and I will say it was one of my smarter races over the years. I had a plan and for the most part stuck to it. I went out slow with a 6:10 first mile. I let Sloan & Laure go and shut my head off and just told myself to run with patience for once. Each mile got a little quicker and I continued to feel strong. Emily zoomed by after 2 miles and I was psyched for her. She looked awesome and I knew she was running fast!! I continued to plug along slowly clossing the gap on the pack of runners ahead of me. With around 2 miles to go I caught them and still felt strong. Amazing how good you can feel when you run smart.
I finished the race strong running my fastest mile for the last mile. Something I rarely can do.
Now I just need to remember these races on Maraton Day!! Only about 3 weeks left. Our team is going to be awesome.
Good luck to Megha and Laura tomorrow. Run with patience. 20 miles is a long way.
Emily....I hope you made it home safe!!
Great job today to Allison, Sloan, Katie, Gretchen and of course Emily!!

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Lynn - great job to you an a tremendous 10k. Way to run SMART! You looked so fit and strong running on the track. Congrats!!! Hope you had a good marathon course training run Sunday!