Sunday, March 25, 2007

Being Slow at Math Makes Me Faster

25 laps is a long time. I knew I needed to run on pace to get under 35 minutes, so I didn't want to try a conservative start slow-finish fast strategy. I think the first lap was a bit fast, but the next 4 miles were right on pace: 84 seconds a lap. I guess I still haven't figured out how to make my watch show only the split time, so it was showing the total the whole race. It was good by the end because I could actually see where I was at and see that I was cutting it close. But most of those 25 laps I spent adding 84 seconds to the previous lap time; I think it took my dysfunctional brain about 200 meters to figure out my next 400 time. It made the race go by faster I guess. Anyway, I think I had an 85 or 86 in mile 5, but made up for it on mile 6: woohoo! I still haven't seen the official results, so I don't know my exact time. But it's definitely under 35! Finally I have a PR that isn't :0something as in 5:04, 10:01, 17:02. Yea!

I didn't make it all the way home from Dedham. I made it to the green line on Huntington Ave then saw a green line train by Longwood and was way too tempted. I took it to the orange line and ran home from there. It came out to a total of 18 miles including the race yesterday, but the long cooldown was at a very leisurely pace.

Good luck to the 20-milers today!


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