Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good luck and run fast!

Many of you speedy gals are running the 1/2 marathon today. Actually, you are in the middle of it right now. Hope you all kick some ass and I can't wait to hear stories! As Busse and I were running this morning, we were thinking of how windy it must be in New Bedford right now. Hopefully, it's behind your backs :-) Anywho, I'm sure I'll hear all about it.


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Boston Run Gals said...

Thx KT! It was wicked windy. I don't think I've ever run in such massive wind. It was NOT all at our backs. Still, as Tom predicted, the top 3 GBTC women this year all ran faster than the 1st GBTC woman last year. Good stuff for everyone. Poor Audrey didn't feel well...but that little toughie still finished the race! Impressive...