Thursday, February 15, 2007

ice and treadmills

running in the snow and ice is about as fun as chewing broken glass. seriously.

yesterday Emily and i met Ted Breen at 5:20 am. it was early enough to not be terrible out yet. the snow was still soft enough to run on, and it was actually kind of warm, so the only annoyance was limited visibility from the ice pellets stuck between our top and bottom eyelashes. i think we were all grateful to have each other to run with!

i really am amazed that Laura and Sloan ran outside later in the day yesterday. i could barely walk! after work i trekked to Harvard for class, and my socks and shoes were totally soaked through within 30 seconds of getting off the T. i sat through class with cold wet feet. you would think that this Chicagoan and Bostonian would have a proper pair of winter boots by now, but for as long as I can remember i have refused to buy a proper winter coat or boots just to spite the merciless fury of winter. i will not give in!

this morning, Audrey, Emily, Sarah, and I attempted a run. i did not make it very far. i ran about a mile to meet Emily. the sidewalks and roads were covered in jagged edges of ice and snow and other conspiracies to keep me from staying upright. I think it took me 10 minutes to run the mile to Emily. frustrated with running slow (especially after mapping yesterday's 90+ minute run yielded barely 11.5 miles), i turned around, prudently jogged the mile back to my apt., packed my gym bag, got my gorrillaz CD, and made it to the gym for a 75 minute treadmill expedition. it was boring, yes, but at least i got to run at a decent pace in a sports bra.

y'all are tough cookies. maybe I'll bake you some!


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