Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Finally Some Real Marathon Training

Last night's workout was pretty awesome. The most frequently used word to describe the workout was "boring." But let's face it, the marathon just isn't as exciting as the mile. Who has an attention span that lasts 3 hours? Or even 2:46:59?

From here on out, it's long races and long runs and long workouts. This week I have lots of marathon training in the works: 100 miles in 6 days, the Martha's Vineyard 20-miler on Saturday, and that fabulous 5 x 2000 workout last night.

On the marathoning note, everyone planning to run Boston should get their applications in asap. It costs something like $150 after March 1. Right now it's $95. Plus a $6 online entry fee (I'm going to print it and send it; as if the computers need a $6 processing fee!). Sounds like the BAA is raking in some cash this year. I'm going to loot all the Gu at every station to be sure I reclaim my entry fee!


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