Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Slushy Surprise

Wow! Did you all run today??? Unreal! I started my run from work...intending on a 16 miler. Like Emily, I'm shooting for a 100+ mile week this week. After 2 minutes, literally, I was drenched from my toes to my knees. The puddles were gigantic. Ice pelted me like kids swinging at a batting cage...all strength and no direction...I was being attacked from all sides. One hour into my run, I had no feeling in my toes, my clothes were soaked, and I was running about 10 minute pace over very slushy sudo-snow. I had to smile to myself as I was running down Commonwealth Ave when I heard 1 Ugg & hoodie clad undergrad remark to the other "what the hell is wrong with her?" Legit question - but I gotta tell ya, I was having much more fun out there in the snow than any of the walking transporters, thats for sure. As slow and cold as the run was, it was still MY run...MY time for MYself...I treasure that!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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