Sunday, December 24, 2006

Running tights and cupcakes

Two words: CWX tights. Amazing! After a year of restraining myself from buying a pair of these $70+ tights, I found a pair of above-the-knee black CWX tights at City Sports for $20!!!! I don't know why they were marked down so much, but I wasn't about to question the sticker price. I tested them out this morning on a run that I thought would be 8 or 9 miles -- but I felt great, and I think the tights really helped, and the run ended up being almost 15 miles. I felt like I could keep running and running -- it was one of those days. The tights hold all your muscles together and make you feel like your racing in a speed suit. Maybe it's just all in my head, but whatever it is, these CWX tights rock, and I hope we have more 50-degree days in Boston this winter so I can wear these slick capri-length tights.

The other highlight of my weekend was making the yummiest cupcakes yesterday. I got a new cook book called Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and had a blast making the cutest and richest batch of Mexican Hot Chocolate cupcakes on Saturday. The cupcakes have cinnamon, ground almonds, coconut milk, lots of chocolate, and a teeny pinch of cayenne pepper for some kick. I even made a chocolate ganache frosting. Delish. I had a cupcake before my run this morning... :o)

Happy holidays everyone!

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