Thursday, January 24, 2008

Terrier Excitment

The BU track will be torn up by GBTC red this weekend. I just want to wish all good luck. I can't believe the fitness level of our distance crew this season. It is awesome to see and exciting to be a part of.
To Allison, Gretchen and Marian in the 3K-- piece of cake compared to the cross country races you guys ran this fall. Run strong and hard!
To Katie and Liz in the 5K-- PRs are awaiting. Go get them!!
To Laura, Jen, and Victoria in the mile-- Your workouts are amazing. 8 laps is nothing. Kick butt!!
To the rest of GBTC mid distance and sprinter-- Race hard and well!!
I wish I could be there to yell and scream my head off at you guys. Just know I am sending you positive thoughts.
Can't wait to see results.
* Lynn


Anonymous said...

thanks lynn!!!


Laura Hayden said...

Well, if I wasn't excited when I woke up this morning, I am now! You're post is really motivating. Thanks for the words, Lynn. :-)