Saturday, January 26, 2008

Terrific at Terrier

Well, GBTC rocked the party that rocked the party. As expected. We had a great showing across the board. Some PRs, some broken records, tons of strong performances. Jen Lee showed that she can run close to a 5 min mile twice in one week. Marian showed that she is ready to face the big bad track once again...her first race on the track in 3 years. I showed that I'm not completely out of shape...just marginally out of shape. Everyone else either posted PRs or really close to PRs. Yeah baby!

DMR in a couple of hours. I'm heading to the track pretty soon to race. I have had a cold the past week (I like to blame my poor performances on that) and last night's yelling in the 3 and 5K definitely did not help. Right now - I can't talk. Well, I can whisper. He he. Ah well...don't need a voice to run an 800 leg.


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