Thursday, May 3, 2007

Running Out West

Scott, Bruce, and I are taking a break out in Montana right now. Scott has a break between classes and a summer of long hours in a clinic. And I needed a break from the daily grind of writing about cameras, feeding and nurturing a toddler, and running running running.

I'd been feeling a little burned out post-marathon, but I'm feeling better and better here. I don't have to run wicked early in the morning, which is nice. The scenery is gorgeous. There are lots of trails. Ahhh.

The past two days my legs felt like junk and my chest felt like someone was sitting on it. I think I'm finally adjusting to the 5,200 ft elevation. Today's run was much better. I ran some gravel roads and some big hills past a few ranches and some enormous houses. I could see across a big valley for most of my run and could see an entire storm system moving through ten miles away. It was pretty cool. I like it here but I think I'll be ready for some city running in about a week. I'm probably more nervous about the bears and wolves here than the creepy dude around my place.


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