Monday, October 8, 2007

What a weekend!

GBTC has had quite a weekend of racing. Yesterday, in the record heat, we had some old teammates and good friends compete in the Chicago Marathon - some finished the race, some stopped early, some didn't even start. A very big hug goes out to all the women who trained for months and months to post a wicked fast time at Chicago but whose plans were thwarted by mother nature, that bitch. I've talked to you all individually since the race, but I thought it should be publicly recognized that you all are in our thoughts over here.

Then, the XC race yesterday - I don't really know how everyone did but I do know how my husband ran - AWESOME!

We had some peeps run in the BAA half-marathon yesterday. Lynn ran great!!!!!!

Today, we had the Tufts 10K race for women in Boston. I wasn't planning to race it until early last week when an email from Coach T changed my mind. As some of you know, I've been struggling for a few months with some boo boos and ouchies and I just can't seem to get my body under control. I've had heel problems since the Boston Marathon in April and ignoring them hasn't caused them to disappear! Go figure! So, I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and he said I have likely broken a couple of bones and he sent me off to the x-ray peeps. X-rays came back normal, but the doctor said that I shouldn't rule out broken bones because sometimes they don't show up on x-rays given where they likely are in my foot. So, I have another appointment next week to look into this further. In the meantime, I'm still training. I figure, I'm likely broken enough as it is that I might as well continue to race until I'm told that I have to stop. While this is fun, it isn't helping my racing all that much. I'm having some trouble putting pressure on my right heel to the point that, when I race, I have to alter my stride significantly to relieve the pain. The bitch of it is that I'm actually feeling pretty aerobically fit right now. I've been working out on my own since I can't make it to team practices, and I've been doing lots of workouts on grass or soft ground. So, you can imagine my frustration when I'm aerobically ready to rock n' roll but I have to run like an idiot to avoid excruciating pain. I mean, today I was running easy enough that I high fived a kid (I don't even like kids, except for Emily's Bruce), gave Coach T the thumbs-up, smiled at Mike and Morgan who were kindly volunteering, and had a conversation with a couple of racers next to me. I'm going nuts!

I'm not posting this to put out an excuse for my 1.5-minutes-slower-than-PR 10K performance. I'm just frustrated...I've never been injured least, not injured enough that I've had to acknowledge it, and I'm going a little crazy here...

On a high note, wow to my teammates! People ran awesome! A special congrats to Allison M. and Liz who both PRed. Incredible.



Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you were injured but that would explain how close I was to you. I am sorry that I encouraged you to really sprint that last 1/2 were a champ. I hope you get better soon!
Jennifer Rapaport

Boston Run Gals said...

Aw - you're too kind, Jennifer! Thanx so much... I'm glad you encouraged me to kick - I wouldn't have pushed that last mile without you there...

PS - you're close to me whether I'm injured or fresh!


KWaz said...

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the thoughts and support from Chicago. You have no idea how much it meant to get a call from Laura after I had dropped, letting me know things would be ok.

Luckily, I pulled before things got messy, so feel fine and am hoping to salvage my fall season. Checked in w/ Megha, who is feeling a bit beat up, but also hoping to rally.

We miss you all out in CA - hope to see y'all soon!


Megha said...

Laura. You continue to inspire me with your optimism and positive spirits despite the rough season you've had. You are SO tough! Sometimes maybe too tough for your own good.... I know you need a mommy sometimes to pamper you and let you be less hard on yourself. You are the ultimate heroine, for sure, but remember to take care of Laura too. :o)

Even though you were disappointed with your 10K performance, you ran my 10K PR with a BROKEN FOOT! Now that is pretty incredible. Heal up and come visit me in Berkeley so we can sprint up the hills!