Thursday, October 4, 2007

Weather woes and marathon moes

It's supposed to be 85 degrees and humid on Sunday in Chicago for the marathon!

Isn't October the time of year for cool, crisp air and colorful autumn leaves and apple butter and fleeces?

I am getting a bit freaked out now considering:
1. My legs feel like crap.
2. I have been getting no sleep since I have midterms and a thousand projects due this week.
3. I ran a really, really slow 10K race last week.
4. The weather forecast for the marathon is more reminiscent of Miami than Chicago.
5. I just ate 2.5 (vegan) cupcakes. Not exactly ideal marathon food!

Ahh well. All I can do at this point is hope for the best!

Well I unfortunately have a ton more work to do before I can even think of going to sleep. Grad school is HARD!

I miss you all a ton and have been following your racing on the GBTC blog and Cool Running. GOOD LUCK for the Tufts 10K this Monday!



Boston Run Gals said...

all these distractions will disappear as soon as the gun goes off! trust in all the hard work you've put into your training. you'll be great. remember to enjoy it. thats what this whole sport is all about, after all!

Boston Run Gals said...

sorry - forgot to tell you who i am - its LAURA!

Anonymous said...

That forecast is nothing compared to what your ran through to PR in Boston this year! Keep up the vegan cupcake carbo loading. We'll be cheering for you Sunday! Good luck and we miss you!

Boston Run Gals said...

Take it one step at a time. You have done the work and will be great!! I miss you in the one to complain about 200s with. Running in the heat is hard, but you are tougher.
Run well.